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Thanking for being an outside of the box thinker and clicking the tweet I sent you.  Below is all of the information and most importantly, the film for you to watch. I truly believe you being who you are will identify with this picture and want to conspire on it’s release with me.

The investment:

An advertising campaign for the feature film THE BANG BANG BROKERS. Film will be promoted via Youtube Adwords.

Total Raising:

We are willing to accept funding of up to $25,000


Rather than a risky net based open ended return, we are offering a first money out fixed rate payback and many hugs from a guy who can move mountains for you.

Non-percentage based guaranteed payback of 150% of investment in less than 12 months. Associate Producer credit to investors of 10k or more. If it takes longer investor will recieve additional 10% late fee per annum.

Film Trailer:

Full Feature Press Screener:

What the film is about:

For decades, Blacks and Latins have been played against each other. The Bang Bang Brokers is about a Black Gang and Latino Gang who join forces and use street moves to sway a hedge fund. Along the way, they get a lesson on life, love and greed in America. The film makes the audience look deeply at the effect that the NASDAQ has on racial relations and the need for minorities to stop pointing guns at each other and start fighting the system with their minds.

Target Market:

Everyone. Ages 19 – 35  who like action comedies. Also those who have interest in current politics involving race and social justice. With immigration, Black Lives Matter and Occupy all fighting the system with million of supporters and the topics lingering everyday in the headlines, The Bang Bang Brokers has a built in audiance waiting to discover it. One that is passionate about these topics. One that will share heavily.

How we will reach them:

Youtube Ad Words allows us to target zip codes of Black and Latino colleges as well as major influencer markets. 25% of the youtube funds raised will go to reach young blacks and latins in Compton and other areas that feature both races. This will get the film the respect it needs to push into the broader markets via word of mouth.

The other 75% of youtube advertising will be broad market in US, CANADA & UK with a small yet smart focus on major mexico etros.

There will also be an amazon release and we will use the amazon 7 cents per click marketing option to drive the first 60,000 – 80,000 viewers there.

Will this film make it’s ad budget back:

Youtube pays average $4,000 per million ads served. We can serve 8 ads during the duration of 87 minute runtime.

For example, 2 million people watching all the way through = roughly 14 – 16 million ads served (around $50,000) and that’s not counting it spreading beyond the views we buy for it.. Yes, youtube has gotten quite lucrative these days, especially for longer runtimes. So the goal is to hit 8 million after typical sharerates, get a 1/4 of them to stay to reach the above amount to start with.

My videos do millions of views because they spread fast and typically 4 times the people we promote it to see it in the first couple weeks.

In addition, the description under the free youtube feature film says on top line SEE IT AD FREE ON AMAZON PRIME.

Anyone with a prime account, will probably click in quite fast. Prime pays 15 cents per view. The click throughs from youtube will account for a large share of our profits however we will also be spending money on buying Amazon Prime advertising on their site at 7 cents per click to get it charting right off the bat, and insure front page placement. You make roughly $18,000 per 100,000 viewers (which is rather easy to do on there with the advertising within the amazon structure).

What investment buys:

$5,000 Amazon – The film seen by roughly 350,00 – 500,000 viewers. Typical share rates are atleast 4 times promoted, so viewership will still be quite larger than this intitial boost.

$15,000 The film seen by roughly 1.5 – 2 viewers gaurenteed on youtube with a typical share rate of close to 6 times over the course of the following few months.

This is our strongest plan to reach a 6 – 10 million viewer picture on  youtube and spend 5k on Amazon marketing at 7 cents per click. One will fuel the other.

$5000 Campaign labor, small bits of licensing left and 3 months of continual PR post release. Additional release plans include postering in hipster and college neighborhoods on release week. Also working on digital billboard partnerships.

Release is planned for 3rd week of May.

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